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Hydroforming of Brass Bathroom Faucet Spout

As manufacturers discover the cost and performance benefits of hydroformed parts, many turn to us at H & H Tube to evaluate a component and determine if it is a good candidate for the process. The brass spout highlighted in the photograph here, which we produced for a client in the kitchen & bath industry, is one such part.

The original design incorporated a sand cast form with multiple brazed components. After reviewing the existing design and required performance specifications, we quickly realized that we could convert it into a single-piece tubular component. The client was very impressed with the engineering aspects that allowed us to incorporate special features directly into the workpiece, which enabled them to consolidate the part count of the final product. They were very eager for us to get started on the project so they could begin to realize the substantial cost savings.

Material of construction was alloy 260, a versatile brass alloy valued for its strength and ductility. The hydroforming process involved loading the raw tube into a die on our powerful hydraulic press, then forcing fluid into the tubing at very high pressure. As the internal pressure increased, the cross section of the tubing expanded to take on the shape of the die. Precisely crafted dies and computer controlled process parameters enabled us to achieve very tight tolerances and a fine surface finish on this uniquely shaped part.

Quality assurance procedures consisted of gauge inspections, leak testing, verification of surface RA finish, and material testing to ensure it would withstand the specified load without deforming. In addition to meeting the client’s strict quality specifications, we satisfied the requirements of ASTM B135 for seamless brass tubing. Start-to-finish, we completed this project in only six weeks.

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Hydroformed Faucet Specifications

Standards Met
Industry for Use
Kitchen and Bath
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Gauge Inspection, Surface RA Finish, Leak Testing
Delivery/Turnaround Time
6 Weeks
Delivery Location
Per customer request

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