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PEX Fittings for the Plumbing Industry

At H & H Tube, we use our tubular expertise and engineering capabilities to create high quality products for the PEX plumbing industry. We continue to provide quality NSF stub outs, F1807 PEX Copper crimp rings, F1960 cold expansion stub outs, and PEX manifolds.

PEX crimp rings are used in PEX radiant heating systems, as well as with hot and cold water supply lines. Our PEX Copper crimp rings provide exact conformance with F1807 specifications and are available with incising to F1807 standards as well. These crimp rings also conform to Standard 14UPC and ASTM F 845. We offer bulk and custom bagged PEX Copper Crimp Rings, and will incise them with either your specific trademark or our own HH PEX marking. We have complete control over the entire manufacturing process, including our own in-house blackening and bagging capabilities.

For stub outs, our engineers have designed a patented one-piece machined inlet. This newly designed inlet conforms exactly to ASTM F 1807, providing the best seal available in the industry today. To maintain the highest level of quality, each stub out elbow is 100% leak tested at our facility and is capped to ensure the integrity of the barb. H & H Tube is listed by NSF International; all stub outs are certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI 16 annex G and Standard 14. H & H Tube manufactures both standard and nailer stub outs. At our advanced facility, we are able to build and deliver PEX fittings and connections within turnaround times averaging 6 weeks.

To learn more about our high quality PEX plumbing products, please see the information in the following table, or contact us directly to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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PEX Fitting Specifications

F1807 PEX Copper Crimp Rings
NSF Stub Outs
F1960 Cold Expansion Stub Outs with Caps
PEX Manifolds
Standards Met
Standard 14 UPC
ASTM F 845
ASTM F 1807
NSF/ANSI 16 Annex G and Standard 14.
Industry for Use
PEX Plumbing
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
100% Leak Testing
Delivery/Turnaround Time
6 Weeks
Delivery Location
Per customer request

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