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Coiling Services

With over 80 years of experience working with copper, at H & H Tube, we have become experts in creating copper alloy coils for numerous applications. Working with 120 and 122 copper alloys, our dedicated team of experts provide reliable and consistent coils in varied types, lengths and sizes. There are three primary types of coils: pancake coils, which is in the form of two flat wound layers sitting on top of each other; bunch coils, which are wound and bunched; and helical coils, which are either right- or left-handed, and spiral on themselves. Their sizes range from 0.125" to 1.125" in overall diameter, with maximum weights of 100 lbs. Copper alloy coils are used in a number of different industries, including gas, plumbing, heating & cooling, and refrigeration. We work hard to ensure that our coils are of the highest quality, always meeting our customers' specifications and stringent industry standards such as ASTM B68. We work with fast turnaround times, and are usually able to create and deliver all types of copper alloy coils to our customers within three weeks.

For further information about our copper coiling capabilities, please take a look at the following table, or contact us directly.

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Coiling Capabilities

Project Name & Description
Bunched, helical, pancake coils
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Overall Part Dimensions
OD: 0.125" to 1.125"
Max Weight: 100 lbs
Material Used
Copper 120
Copper 122
Industry for Use
Gas Industry
Heating & Cooling
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 weeks
Delivery Location
Per customer request
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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